How to build driveway columns

First, I used metal that I had on hand to make the base and build driveway columns on. Using nuts and bolts I had, I made my frame 30-inch square.

I used an old gazebo that was otherwise going to the dump and built the frame with it, securing it with a few bolts.

After the framing was done, I used old pieces of plywood that I had on hand, that I put inside the frame, to block concrete when I was ready to put it on. I again secure the plywood with a few metal screws.

I then put hen wiring all around the outside of the frame, securing it with metal screws.

To make it easy to transport from my garage to the final location, I used wiring at each corner of the column, I already had enough 1/8 inch wiring that I fixed at the bottom of the column on the metal frame.

Using 2 pieces of metal in a cross, it will be easy to lift with the tractor.

I was then ready to put cement on the frame, making sure that the mixture goes in the hen wiring this will give strength to the finished column.

For added strength, I used around 6, 7 over full shovels of Portland cement for each bag of premixed masonry cement. I mixed with water, a little bit of water at the time so as to get a mix that is easy to put on the hen wiring, not to liquid neither to solid, it’s got to stay on your trowel when you tilt it on the wiring.

Mixing is easy; I used a wheelbarrow and a rake to mix.

I made a few coats, 3 coats is enough, you can smooth the last coat if desired. To do so, use a little water on your trowel. If you are a beginner it may be difficult to perfectly smooth, that is why I left it rough, it looks nice and oldish anyway.

As for the top, I made a wood frame inserting a piece of tubing in order to fix a lantern on top of the column and then put hen wiring and covered it with concrete. The top is just deposited on top of the column.

Concrete is fairly strong after it has dried for about seven days and gets its full strength in about 27 days, there should be no problem moving the columns between 7 and 27 days.

The covers were tested with one lantern just to see the look. The columns have been dyed with 2 coats of concrete stain. I prefer stain over paint since it does not peel and is easy to maintain, we choose old English brick for colour.

Transporting the driveway columns is fairly easy with a small tractor with a loader.

Note the metal decorations, they also come from the old gazebo they are attached to the column with a couple screws we put them on all sides.

Fixing the columns to the ground is fairly easy.

Drive the posts into the ground secure a piece of wood to it and attach with screws.

Putting lantern on your columns, you will need some wiring, be sure to get the wire that goes underground. 14-2 wire is quite enough for two lanterns, 16-2 wire is less expensive if you can find it.

Instead of running the wire directly to the lantern, I fixed a double socket, ran the wire to the lantern from there, it gave me a second place to put Christmas decoration when needed.

And here it is with christmas decoration.

You do not want to build driveway columns ,well, maybe another project will be more suited for you. Make your own hunting blind