Other designs

Besides designs like the 4 wheel electric scooter for disabled or handicapped people, the power steering, Jean-Hugues Lagacé was always looking for something new and that could be practical.

The power steering was one of these designs.

Bigger machines like the VTS came out of his imagination.The VTS, if you look at it fast, you will say it is just another machine on tracks!

Take a closer look and see what makes it special.The articulated suspension. The suspension keeps the tracks in contact with the surface at all time, giving the vehicle much better traction.

Take the tracks of, you will ride on tires, all 6 wheels will be in contact with the ground. Each wheel is driven by its own hydraulic motor.

Jean-Hugues also built a smaller vehicle, for winter and summer maintenance.

This vehicle can be fitted with a snow blower, a scraping blade and in the summer, with a lawn mower. You can attach any equipment you like to its PTO.

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