How to build your own driveway columns

There are many ways to make your own driveway columns, before deciding to make my own with concrete, I verified different options.

I considered making them with bricks, then with stones.

These options would have required using a concrete base four feet deep in order to go below frost in winter, or using techno metal posts at a cost of around $200 each, and still not be sure that they wont move with frost.

I looked at VacuForm plastic brick and corners it eliminates the concrete base there where two drawbacks.

First the cost, just the corners for my 30 inch square by 60 inches high columns would have cost around 800$ not counting the siding.

Second this VacuForm plastic looks like real brick when not to close, but looks likeā€¦ plastic when close.

I then said to myself, why not make them with concrete, like they make stucco walls on buildings?

After looking at it, I decided to go with the cement option, here are the reasons:

1- I can build the driveway columns in my garage. They would weight around 600 pounds each, easy to put in place with a tractor with a loader.

2- I will use material that I already have, they would be made of recycled material for the most part.

3- The cost will be kept to a minimum.

4- Instead of using a four foot deep concrete base required for stone or brick, all that is needed is 3 feet posts one at each corner of the column at a cost of around $6 each. No need for techno metal posts either, that cost around $200 each.

5- Adjusting the columns if they get out of level will be very easy.

6- The main cost would be masonry mix and Portland cement, plus hen wiring and a few metal screws or around $200 for all material needed.

And here is the final result

This link will take you to step by step to make your driveway columns