4 wheel Electric Scooter faq

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How much does it cost to build?

This 4 wheel electric scooter can be built for under $100.00
The most expensive parts are the electric motor, batteries and charger.
We will tell you what to do to get these parts for nothing or almost.

What kind of drawings will I get?

You will get 37 detail drawings done in CAD and saved to a PDF ebook format, printable on 8.5 X 11 inch paper.

Can I easily modify this design?

You can do whatever you want with this design.
You think you would like a bigger scooter, that is OK, just scale it upto your need, the only drawback will be the increased weight and thespace required to carry it, besides the fact that it will not go in asnarrow spaces as the original design.

Where is the  material available?

All the material can be bought from retail stores, metal, switches,motor, battery etc. When you buy the drawings, assembly drawing,assembly video, you also get a complete list of parts needed tocomplete the project.

What tools do you need to make some parts and assemble the 4 wheel electric scooter?

Beside a drill, screwdriver and a few wrenches, nothing special. If youappend to have a metal brake handy, you can use it to bend the floorwhich is made of aluminium. Otherwise if you buy that piece of metalfrom a machine shop near you, they will probably bend it for you at avery small price if they charge at all.

Will you need to weld any parts?

Some parts for the steering system may have to be welded or you can buythese parts stock from retailers. You can also modify the steeringsystem and spare the welding, using set nuts instead of welding.
While the frame is designed to be welded, you can use pop or flushrivets instead of welding, the frame will be as strong as if it waswelded. (Aircraft manufacturer use flush rivets and do not weld partstogether, because it is stronger and less subject to break)

What is so special about this electric scooter?

First, the weight and size:
The scooter as it is designed weights only 30 pounds without batteries and 40 pounds with batteries attached.
The size is only 12 inches wide  by 27 inches long
The special suspension makes it very stable. You can go over a 3 inchhigh bump with all 4 wheels adhering to the ground and the scooterbeing almost level. You can replace the suspension with a floating axlethat will also snug to the ground, but the scooter will not stay level.

The seat?

The seat may not look very comfortable, it will do the job for mostpeople. If you like a better seat, it is very easy to choose one fromany retailer.

Is the 4 wheel electric scooter difficult to build and assemble?

When you have all the material needed on hand and ready to assemble, it should not take more than 5 hours.
You will probably spend more time getting all the parts.
There is no special difficulty to build this scooter.

Do you need to be a mechanical expert to build the 4 wheel electric scooter?

As long as you can use a drill, a screw driver, and a wrench, no other skill is necessary.

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