Why build this electric scooter ?

This do-it-yourself electric scooter project is ideal for you if you suffer from reduced mobility, and still can walk but for short walks.

You can easily use this scooter in your house or apartment without having to widen the doors, it can take you everywhere.

You would like to go shopping, but you know that you will not be able to walk for very long, take the scooter with you.

Would it not be nice to have this little scooter. You can easily fold it, it is very light, only 35 pounds with batteries.

It will fit easily in the trunk of your car or even between the seats. The other nice thing about it, is that it will not deplete your bank account.

This 4 wheel scooter can be built for as low as 100$.

Most parts are readily available on the market and chances are that you already have many of them.

Jean-Hugues Lagacé, the designer of the electric scooter has other designs like the self contained power steering.

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