About the designer

Jean-Hugues Lagacé, the designer of this small, portable, 4 wheel electric scooter , has many other design to his credit.

First, the VTS, this vehicle is an all season vehicle that is meant to ride on snow and will do as well on pavement, turf or any surface.

In the winter, it is equipped with tracks and rides perfectly on snow or ice, the tracks will follow the ground because of the vehicle’s special suspension, giving it full traction at all time.

When the track encounters a bump or depression, it will just stay in contact with the ground on the entire length of the track at all time.

Spring summer and fall, unless you have to ride in mud or soft ground, the tracks are taken of and the vehicle rides on tires.

Riding on tires, the six wheels of the vehicle always stay in contact to the ground thanks to the special articulated suspension that follows the terrain.

This vehicle is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that drives six independent hydraulic motors wheels.

The use of this vehicle is ideal for maintaining snowmobile trails, ski slopes, it also was used by a few hydro companies to be able to reach power lines not easily accessible, even the Canadian army used it.

Consult the details of this invention and the patent awarded by the United state patent office to the inventor.

Jean-Hugues Lagacé, the designer has other designs like the self contained power steering.